After keeping this secret family Crispy Shrimp Chili just to our family and friends for years, we are releasing our Apalah Chili, the cripsy chili that can chili-fi your food easily and deliciously anywhere and anytime, with just a few scoop

If you are like our Dad a.k.a. our APA, he loves to eat chili so much that he had to have some chili in each and every meal, anywhere he travels or he just doesn't feel right, then you must try our Apalah Chili.

APA thinks there's 2 factors making eating normal chili boring:

And so APA went all out to create something not "boring", he then created his own version of ultimate Crispy Shrimp Chili in order to Chili-Fi any food....

Apalah Chili was then born...

5 Elements of Apalah Chili

Apalah Chili 5 Dimension of Taste

Apalah Chili was born to Chili-Fi your Food Easily and Deliciously

As a result, this is Apalah Chili, this is our kind of crispy shrimp chili, that you can’t find it anywhere else because of our unique sweetness, saltiness, spiciness,crunchiness and special aroma. 
  • Saltiness brought the taste out of your food
  • Sweetness balance out the heaty spiciness
  • Spiciness just brings you syokness
  • Crunchiness will make you feel addicted and eat non-stop
  • Last but not least, the one and only Aroma of “xia mi”/Dried Crispy Shrimp as our 5th dimension

You are not just eating spicy chili, it’s a whole package!

Let me be clear about one thing...

This isn’t one of those cheap chili oil or sambal, as a matter of fact, we are crispy shrimp chili, but we refused to be seen as the normal crispy shrimp chili like others…. some are just painfully oily, soggy and smelly especially they use cheap oils.

We care about the taste and taste only, so much that we do not care about cutting cost of the ingredient just for small gain in profit.

We use the same 100% ingredient that we would eat ourselves at home as we only want to show you how far our “APA” have pushed the taste of crispy shrimp chili.
***No preservatives added, but it can last 6 months because the chili was coated with oil, it helps to preserve the chili!

Who Apalah Chili are made for:

Apalah Chili are created to Chili-Fi your food easily and deliciously:

Because we control Apalah Chili spicy level to about Medium High:

  • So suitable for majority of people who eats spicy food
  • Made for you if you love to put spicy stuff in anything and everything you eat
  • People who don’t want the painful spicy experience, because spicy food should be happy, not painful

Because our  Apalah Chili was packed with 5 taste dimension, saltiness, sweetness, spiciness, crunchiness and some sweet crispy shrimp aroma, it was so easy to combine with your food make your cooking easier:

  • Suitable for you who loves to cook, but ran out of ideas of what to cook
  • Bring in new flavour into your usual homecooked food, spin off your usual menus
  • Also those of you who just want to make any of your food spicy and tasty easily

Because Apalah Chili was so easy to mix and match with food, can save you a lot of time if you are busy:

  •  Suitable for busy students who might find it hungry during your supper, scoop some Apalah into your favourite instant noodles or your rice or anything plain and simple, and you have a meal done!
  • Also suitable for those of you who eats lunch in your office, maybe Tapao food not spicy enough or no chili given, just scoop some Apalah and you just chili-fi your food instantly.
  • p.s. but beware that your friends and colleague will help you to finish all…
Apalah Chili Burger 1

Okay, so why are we so different from others

First, imagine yourself eating the whole chili padi, bite it into pieces and swallow it, would you DARE to do it? 
 …Hell no, it would be a painful experience
Imagine yourself pour the amazing sweet chili sauce on your rice or noodles, would you still be able to eat it?
…No, it’s too sweeeeet!
Now, imagine that you can just scoop out 1 or a few scoops of our Apalah Crispy Shrimp Chili and mix it with your rice, your noodles, your roti or even your burger! and it will taste delicious just as simple as that.
YES! As simple as that and you got a meal done!

Apalah Chili combines a good ratio of saltiness, sweetness, spiciness, crunchiness and crispy shrimp aroma, makes it very easy to combine with any plain food.

P.S. You can even take Apalah Chili as snacks

Here's What I'm willing to do

Because this is the first time we met, here’s what you are gonna get:
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✔ I am going to give you something more epic, it’s call “APALAH CONFIRM PLUS GUARANTEE DELICIOUS OR HE TREAT YOU” Guarantee, If you don’t like the taste of our chili, you can request for a refund within 30 days after you bought it.
✔ All for the price of just RM58 (per box/3 bottles).
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Problem: How to Chili-Fi your food?
Answer: With Apalah Chili.

Before you move on, 

Please note that we are kinda crazy and kinda creative

when it comes to Chili-Fi-ing food with Apalah Chili…

On that Cliche….

Here’s some of the food we chili-fi so far

Apalah Chili Burger 1

Apalah Chili and Burger!!!

Apalah Chili Japanese Onigiri 3

Apalah Chili and Japanese Onigiri

Apalah Chili Crispy Potato Fries 2

Apalah Chili and Potato Fries

Apalah Chili Indian Mee

Apalah Chili and Indian Mee

Apalah Chili Rice 4

Apalah Chili and Plain Rice

Apalah Chili Ha Mee

Apalah Chili and Dried Noodles

Apalah Chili Prawn Mee 6

Apalah Chili and Some Noodles

Apalah Chili Hokkien Mee 2

Apalah Chili and Hokkien Fried Noodles

And you can even eat Apalah Chili directly,

without mixing with anything, 


What our customer say

P.S. We were only selling to Chinese Chili Foodies previously, thus all the reviews were only in Chinese.

Apologize for that >.<

But you can still feel it!


Thank you for staying with us until this point.

As you can see,

Many people like you have already bought were surprised by our Apalah Chili

In fact, there’s thousands of people just like you who ordered up until now.

We hope that you can join our family too!

Why now?

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  • 4) This price is not going to be around forever, because we cook with only the best ingredient we eat ourselves, the cost of our chili is actually very high compare to others which used lower quality and cheaper ingredient, therefore we will be raising the prices back to full price in the coming future.



This is the freshest Crispy Shrimp Chili you can get, BECAUSE...

As you know, because we sell online only currently

We might be one of the freshest Crispy Shrimp Chili on the Market because it was gone quickly by the time we cook

Every week, we will cook and and restock at least 2-3 times per week to keep up the high demand.

And because the high demand, it feels just like Cook-to-Order, it is always FRESH!

If you’re seeing this page right now, it means that we are still cooking and ready to give you our best!

And on top of it…

Still unsure whether to get Apalah Chili?

We will treat you if YOU just Don’t find Apalah Chili delicious enough for you, how?

We have

We Guarantee delicious or we don’t want your money!

APA 100% guarantee that you will love the taste of this Chili, or he will refund you the money for the chili, minus the shipping, and let you keep Apalah Chili anyway. and consider it as a treat for you.

Yes! You can keep the Chili without sending it back, all you need to do is message us at Facebook Page: Apalah ChilIi. Just tell Apa that your chili is not delicious, I want a treat and he will refund back the money to you.

Apalah 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
You have nothing to lose and might get FREE treat if you really don’t like it!

Get your Apalah Chili before this special promo was all gone

Thank you for taking your time to read until here, we hope that we can share some happiness to you with our Family Secret Recipe, Apalah Chili.

Your always spicy and happy family,

   Apalah Chili

By the way, in case you're one of those people (like me) who just skipped all the way to the end here, here's the deal:

1. Secret Chili Recipe that was kept as a family secret until now

Years was spent to perfect Apalah Chili, it was only kept closed to families and friends only, now is the first time releasing for you to taste it! (Actually tens of thousands of bottles were consumed in past 3 months by our Chinese Chili Foodies alone)

Apalah Chili is our Homemade Crispy Shrimp Chili, we sold by the box, with 3 bottles inside each box, net weight is around 190-200g, and about 190ml

2. This is a very limited offer...

i. FREE SHIPPING promo for the whole West Malaysia
ii. Buy 1 Box 3 Bottles for just RM58 or 2 Boxes for RM98 only!


If for whatever reason that you don’t feel Apalah Chili was delicious enough for you or you don’t feel Apalah Chili is the best crispy shrimp chili of it’s kind, send us a message at our Facebook page: Apalah Chili

And we will send you the amount you bought Apalah Chili minus the shipping fee each box, no question asked… you don’t even need to send your Apalah Chili back.

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